What Is SEO White Hat

If you have a website and you’re trying to work your way up to the top of search, you may have heard already about white hat SEO. If you wonder what this means, you’ve come to the right place, as we are going to take a glimpse into this topic.

SEO white hat is a set of practices and methods that help websites improve their positions in the SERPs, without breaking the rules imposed by search engines to SEO professionals. White hat SEO specialists like Houston SEO Agency’s are usually careful with everything they do for making web pages more relevant for their main keywords. They would never use keyword stuffing, cloaking or anything else that’s not in line with Google’s guidelines to webmasters.

SEO white hat stretches beyond the pages of a website, to the other web pages linking to it. White hat specialists will always make sure they publish high quality, compelling content that would naturally attract inbound links. They would never buy links from high authority websites, as they know that sooner or later Google is going to detect and penalize such practices. Moreover, they would stay away from all actions that may imply a manipulation of the SERPs. This is why they don’t favor private blog networks, despite the fact that these networks are very effective and can bring very fast results. SEO professionals with lots of years of experience know that such practices offer only short-term satisfactions, most of them failing to deliver the long-term, stable results their clients seek.

The other side of white hat practices refers to using various tools that boost the efficiency of SEO professionals. While keyword research and competitive research tools are fine, mass spam and automatic link creation tools are forbidden. Such software programs are able to create thousands of user profiles on various websites in as little as hours. They are also able to insert a link into these profiles. You can easily imagine what amount if inbound links this tools can help you acquire. All you need to do is set it up, scrape the search engines, load the list of forums and discussion groups into the software, and let it run for a week without stopping.

These were only a few examples of what a white hat SEO specialist would never do. They know that white hat, legit practices may be slower in bringing them spectacular results, but they know this is the surefire way to get on top of search engines and maintain these positions for a very long time. The main difference between white hat and black hat techniques is the stability over time of the obtained results. Black hat SEO professionals are always ready to drop their domain names and purchase new ones, as they know they have to earn their money very quickly, before they get caught. White hat specialists are the real winners of the SEO game, as they can grow their websites to the extent where their value becomes huge. This is what clients usually want, so there’s no wonder why they seek for SEO companies that are transparent and legit.

Tip And Tricks SEO

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